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Our users are required to login through our secured service portal. The addition step ensures the safety of our customers. Please watch the demo video below for more information regarding our service.  You can test our service for free by clicking the below button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions from our customers

When will I receive my login credential after I place an order?

Our users usually receieve their login credentials in a few minutes after we receieve your payment. However, errors may occur at times.  Please contact our customer service if you didn't receieve your login credential after you complete your payment.

Can I try your service for free?

We are afraid not, but if you want to try our service you can simply sign up for a two days plan and try it out for the low cost of just $1 per user.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We are willing to offer you a full refund if you are not satisfied with our service. To request a refund, you can click the chat button located at the button right of the page. Our customer service team will reply to you in 24 hours and resolve your problem.

Will I receive a username and password for Chegg or Course Hero?

You won't receive an actual account for Chegg. Instead, you will receive a login credential for our service portal. You have to log in to Chegg through our service portal. However, using experience is almost the same.

Why buying from us?

Our service is the most affordable and reliable on the market. There are a lot of sellers on the market selling premade accounts. Those accounts may get you in trouble as they are often stolen account or account purchased by a stolen credit card. Your IP address is recorded every time you log in with those premade accounts. Only our service is legit and legal. There are hundreds of active users using our service monthly.

What should I do if my credit is declined at checkout?

Some of our users have reported to us that their credit card get declined at checkout. If your card is declined you can pay with Paypal. 

How man devices can I use for the service?

You can use as many device as you want for our service. However, please don't share your account with other people. Your account may get suspended if we detect multiple people is using the account.

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Our Story

A group of engineers forms GPAmaster. We believe that education should be more accessible to everyone. Expensive subscriptions shouldn't prevent hard-working people from learning. As a result, we develop this platform to provide extremely affordable study resources for everyone who can't afford an expensive subscription. Our concept is similar to Uber or Air BnB. By sharing something that you don't use every second, we can maximize its value.